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GRE Graduate Record Exam

Find the best candidates for your graduate program

For nearly six decades the GRE® tests have played an important role in the graduate admissions process. Developed and administered by Educational Testing Service, the GRE® (Graduate Record Examinations®) tests assess academic knowledge and skills relevant to graduate study – and give you the information you need to carefully evaluate your applicants.

The GRE® General Test is the preferred admissions test for thousands of graduate programs worldwide. Taken by more than 800,000 students each year, the GRE® General Test:

The GRE® Revised General Test is here 

For more than 60 years, the graduate community has accepted the GRE® General Test as a proven measure of a candidate's readiness for graduate-level work — and of their potential for success.

Now ETS, creator of the GRE® General Test, has enhanced the content and delivery of the test in several significant ways. The GRE revised General Test is even more closely aligned with the skills needed in today's demanding graduate and business school programs. And it can help you make more informed admissions decisions.

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Accepting GRE® General Test scores makes good business sense

In this era of globalization and increased competition among academic institutions, more than 900 business schools around the world have turned to the GRE General Test to increase and diversify their applicant pool.

The GRE® General Test makes good business sense because it:

When you accept GRE® scores it is good news for your applicants, too, because it is:

“Some people are surprised to learn that the GRE test measures the same basic cognitive skills as the GMAT test,” says David G. Payne, ETS Vice President. “In fact, ETS actually developed the GMAT test some years ago, so we are keenly aware that it does not measure business skills. Like the GRE test, it measures knowledge and skills that admissions officials must evaluate when considering applicants for graduate programs.”

More than 900 MBA programs worldwide accept GRE scores – including a number of programs in Canada: University of Toronto, University of Calgary, the University of New Brunswick, Saint John, Lakehead University, Concordia University, St. Mary's University, Simon Fraser University and Cape Breton University.

Programs wishing to learn more about becoming a GRE score user can This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

Information for test-takers

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