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Career Success: the TOEIC test can help you!

  1. Take the TOEIC test to demonstrate your English ability and include your score on your résumé

  2. Apply for your dream job

  3. Accept job offer!

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The TOEIC test is the world’s No. 1 English test for the workplace. More than 7 million people just like you take the TOEIC test every year!

When you include your TOEIC score on your résumé employers can be confident about your English ability. Here's an example from our résumé descriptions:

785 to 900 - Working Proficiency in English
Working proficiency in English. Scored 800 out of 990 on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). Rating: "Able to satisfy most requirements with language that is often, but not always, acceptable and effective."

It works! Two students from Montreal included their TOEIC score on their résumés and landed jobs at Walt Disney World in Florida. Read all about it.

The TOEIC test has two separate packages:  

TOEIC Listening and Reading Tests

TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests

TOEIC Listening and Reading Quick links