What We Do

ETS Canada

ETS Canada's diverse and talented workforce includes research scientists, psychometricians, data analysts, testing program business staff, as well as experts in fields that will help shape the future of assessment. A feature of our office's capability for innovation is our Artificial Intelligence / Natural Language Processing Lab.

Together, our teams support ETS's mission and the quality of the products and services we deliver as part of our own portfolio and on behalf of clients. Our measurement capabilities include the assessment development, psychometric analysis, validity research, and technology infrastructure and innovation work necessary for assessments to be meaningful now and in the future.

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Automated Scoring and Natural Language Processing

We conduct research and development to build, enhance, and validate the use of capabilities to automatically evaluate and provide feedback on constructed responses. This includes capabilities based on speech, natural language, and multimodal processing technology. We support the automated scoring of writing quality, speaking quality, content in written and spoken responses, spoken dialogues, mathematical responses, and oral presentations, among other knowledge and skills.


We conduct research on the science of measurement, in the service of near-term testing program needs as well as for long-term scientific advancement and innovation. We support the delivery of test scores that are accurate, meaningful, and that help to advance quality and equity in education. Psychometricians collaborate closely with clients and colleagues on all phases of work related to assessments, from design and development to scoring, reporting, and interpretation.

Assessment Design & Development

We contribute to research activities to designing and developing assessments. This includes research to define domains, constructs, and methodologies; specify the necessary infrastructure to administer, analyze results, and score assessments; and support development of content for assessments that are reliable, valid for their intended use, and fair to all test takers.

Information Technology

The demand for digital assessment drives many of the requirements for testing. In conjunction with our assessment research and development activities, we also make substantive contributions to IT services, such as technology consultation, solution architecture, systems development, and production support.